What’s a mini, you ask? Why it’s any paintings that are 8×8′ or smaller.

I tend to create in cycles. Larger paintings allow me to step into a world, a story, a narrative. As I paint large…there are many sparks of inspiration that need to be explored. A mini is a perfect way to explore these soul stories.


6×6″ on canvas, $50

A major theme for me has always been about soaring above. Soaring over the pain and sorrow, the hardships and challenges. I find soaring is about raising consciousness on a spiritual level. It’s for  when you feel least like rising above it all, but in order to see the wider perspective you need to go high in order to see it all.


5×7″ on canvas, $50

It’s a theme that goes right to the heart, doesn’t it? It seems there is a lot in this world to soar above. Political unrest, oppression, conflict, and injustice. On the daily I need to choose to rise above and live this life as best as I can. I need that wider perspective to see the path of my heart.



(all paintings are for sale, please contact me if something sparks your interest because it might not be in the shop!)