I am an Artist, a seeker, and an observer.

I was always a contemplative soul. Observing my surroundings and soaking up beauty and nature. I knew from the beginning there was something magical and mystical about being alive. And so I began my life as a seeker…looking for answers about this extraordinary world we live in and all its complexities.

I grew up in Vermont exploring the trails around our house, climbing trees, and dipping my toes into Lake Champlain. The New England seasons are part of the fabric of my existence and the ebb and flow of these changes affect how I operate in this world.

Nature and art making were my first loves.

As a child I would walk through the woods feeling the energy of the earth and sensing the sacred connections around me even before I had language to describe it. The trees were my church and I went to them whenever I needed solace. Nature held me through many challenging and confusing times and she was often my second mother… nurturing me back from heartache and disappointment.

Creating made me feel alive, grounded, and most like myself. I was drawn to express myself visually… from crayons in the coloring box, cutting paper into shapes, or swirling paint. I loved the way creating made me feel. I reveled in how it challenged me spiritually, emotionally, and cognitively to express what I felt.

I observe and sense the emotions behind every experience. I have always had a keen knack for intuiting the emotions of others and recognizing the patterns that thread through our lives. Some may call that empathic, while that may be true, my experience has been that I open myself on a spiritual level to attune to those around me. This gift was often overwhelming and at times I would turn it off or deny myself because the depths of it scared me. But over many years, I have learned that it is part of who I am and an important aspect of my work is to open up to it fully.

I am fascinated by the experiences we go through in life that changes, evolves, and grows us, which is the overall theme of my work; the transformation of the soul through the lived experience.

Perhaps this ability to attune is why I sought out answers by becoming a practicing psychotherapist. My creative work is informed by over 20 years of clinical practice in trauma recovery, the resilience of the human experience, and sitting with individuals exploring raw emotion and personal narrative. I still have a private practice and am inspired by sitting with others while they question, explore, and emote.

While many of my paintings reflect remnants of nature, the human figure, and abstracted energy…they are really about the experience that I have while painting them. They are portals into my process, emotions, and the energy that I feel while creating.

What we experience from creating and viewing art is sacred.

My intention is not just to make a beautiful piece of work or a pretty picture…it is to create a story and a journey for the viewer to experience the emotions, depth, complexity, and energy behind the piece. A journey that transports them into the depth of the painting to remember, relate, and attune to it’s meaning. It is through your witnessing that we connect on the most intimate level. This is what connects me to my work and to you as a viewer.

I am an intuitive artist, which means that while color, pattern, composition, shape, line, and texture provide a foundation for my work, I allow the process to unfold unplanned. Technique is only the context through which it is expressed. My intuitive and sensory experience is the guide to where the painting needs to go. Creation is a dance of allowing, listening, negotiating, and attunement with the stories that come forth. Each piece has a message and I have come to call them soul stories.

As I work, I go into a state of liminal space where I excavate a visual narrative in the form of a painting that holds the energy of my experience. I delve into the collective story that we all share. Stories of love, pain, sadness, resilience, compassion, and perseverance. What may look like a tree or a figure, is really a narrative of the lived experience in all it’s beautiful paradoxes and complexities.

My work concentrates on painting and printmaking using acrylics, high quality inks, and various mixed media. I create in layers using color, texture, mark making, glazes, and handmade stencils to evoke the sensations of the story I am exploring. While the work itself is abstract there are remnants and visual hints of reality in my mysterious dreamscapes

I create in what others may call series… yet I call devotions. My current devotion is with a body of work entitled “Notes to Younger Self.” While this title is new, I recognize that I have been working with this theme for many years.

Sometimes the messages of my work are so complex that even I cannot put it into concrete language. I learn from my art long after it is created. Their meanings continue to unfold as as an uncanny parallel to my intuitive art making process.

Simply, I intuitively channel the energy of transformative stories into my art.