I am Michelle Turbide, an artist, seeker, and observer of life.

My shop can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MTurbideStudios

In a few words, I am an intuitive artist who uses shape, line, texture, and color to excavate a visual narrative from my inner liminal world. I believe within our imaginations are collective stories which relate to the shared human experience. Stories of resiliency, love, beauty, connections, and growth with an overall theme of journey.

I am inspired by nature, ancestral history, Sacred lands, the animal realm, the Feminine Devine, the tenacious spirit of humans, and the connections between all of us.

I believe that nature holds stories and messages for us on this journey in life. As a 4th generation Vermonter I experience our home as sacred and the beauty of this state provides a special place in the inspiration of my artwork. I live in an 1880s farmhouse in the Champlain Islands of Vermont where I create from a home studio.

My process involves entering a state of liminal space and collective unconscious and excavating a visual narrative that holds the energy of the experience. My intuitive and sensory experience is the guide to where the paintings need to go. I begin with with blocks of color to ground me in the space of the piece and then I add layers of shapes and textures as I create. From there I listen for the story that wants to be told and use layers of opaque paint, transparent colors, mark making tools, and glazes to create a depth to each piece. While the work itself is abstract there are remnants and visual hints of reality in my mysterious dreamscapes

I use hand cut stencils to create shapes that frequent my paintings. I love using similar shapes of trees, birds, sheep and barns or other symbols that have ancestral meaning to me and lends itself to the narrative of the piece.

I utilize a mix of artist grade acrylic paints, acrylic mediums, inks, and various mark making tools. The painting may call for mixed media and collage at times.

Paintings are done either on canvas, wood, or artist grade paper and are varnished for long term protection.

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