It’s about being the queen of the deep as well as the queen of the spring.

The story of Persephone has long been a story of the creative cycle. She is taken down to the underworld where she is held captive, yet she becomes the queen of the underworld. The dead and fallow period where things are rotting, stagnant, and dying. Where things seem to have no time or space.

Then she emerges once again into the light of the spring to facilitate growth and change.

I relate to this story. I am the queen of the underworld when I paint. I enter the depths where you can become lost and face your shadows. Yet, when I trust I always emerge with such lightness, and peacefulness.

Trust the process. Even when you are in the dark, even when you are in the weeds of criticism, doubt, and the illusion of ‘not good enoughness’…trust that you too will emerge and become not only queen of your underworld, but queen of your emergence into the light.