Retreat is an 9×12 acrylic painting on 1.5 inch canvas.  (please click on image to see full view of the painting.)

There are times that my soul needs solitude. I crave a spot across the field and through the wood where I can be with my thoughts and contemplate. Simmer in the sauce of my creativity.
I can conjure that place in the every day and bring it into my now. A place where I can feel calm and peaceful. Where everything makes sense and is in the right place. A little retreat for the mind and the body. Here is a little piece of that retreat.
This piece is varnished for protection, comes prepped for hanging, and the sides are painted black.

**please note that screens vary slightly in color and this piece may look slightly different in person.

**We ship international however shipping costs vary from country to country, please inquire so that we can explore the cost of shipping for you over what would be included in the price!