looking {mini}


Looking is a 6×6″ mini painting on 1/4 inch wood panel. The edges have been painted black and it can be easily slipped into a frame for display.

I began creating mini paintings in order to keep the magic and story of my larger paintings going. Images and mini snippets of a broader narrative began dancing in my imagination and I just knew that they needed to be expressed in mini paintings.

These little magical gems hold a a lot of energy and grouped together, they can really tell a tale.

I am an observer at heart. I have always been drawn to the thoughtful contemplation that a bird has while observing it’s surroundings. That silent stare gives me pause to wonder and look into the past or future. Or even observe the moment right now as it is. Looking is a favorite past time of mine and this theme is often representing in my work.


**please note that screens vary slightly in color and this piece may look slightly different in person.

** We ship international however shipping costs vary from country to country, please inquire so that we can explore the cost of shipping for you over what would be included in the price.

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