The light was low that day


The light was low that day is a 10×10″ acrylic painting on 1.5 inch gallery wrapped canvas.  (please click on image to see full view of the painting.)

This painting is from a series of paintings exploring the memory and spirit of trees. Trees are a totem for me, as I feel they are for many. They represent grounding and growth. Trees are intricate to our survival as they provide oxygen, fuel, shade, and spiritual connection. There is nothing like walking through a forest of trees to feel the energy of the earth.

Memories of walking the forest as I grew up… they invade my current dreams. I dreamt of a day when I walked through the electric, brilliant forest and the light was low and rising. The air had a mystery of what was to come for my future. A hazy connection to the path that lay before me. An omen of beauty in the fine moments of the pausing. When we remember to pause and look at the light and how it glows and casts shadow.

This piece is varnished for protection, comes wired for hanging, and the sides are painted black.


**please note that screens vary slightly in color and this piece may look slightly different in person. Room photos are not to scale.

** We ship international however shipping costs vary from country to country, please inquire so that we can explore the cost of shipping for you over what would be included in the price!

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