they come when you need them


They come when you need them is a 24×24″ acrylic painting on 1.5 inch canvas.

They come. They come through fire and smoke. To support you. Even when you don’t ask. Even when you should ask but are afraid. They are your tribe. Your sisters here for you always. Come hell or high water. Even when their love might seem like a memory of time that no linger exists. They come when you need them.

This painting is created with multiple glazes which allow light to show through and reflect. It provides the viewer a luminescent quality.

This piece is varnished for protection, comes wired for hanging, and the sides are painted a black.
**please note that screens vary slightly in color and this piece may look slightly different in person. Room photos are not to scale. Please measure your space and be mindful of the size of the artwork.
** We ship international however shipping costs vary from country to country, please inquire so that we can explore the cost of shipping for you over what would be included in the price!

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