I am navigating the sacred lands that are coming up in my work… from farmlands, to forests, to oceans. These magical lands are connecting me the sounds and smells of memories past. Fragments and pieces of my life weaving together in a beautiful symphony.

Often as I paint in series and go deeper and deeper into the process I begin to notice patterns in the work. One of which became very apparent to me as I laid all the recent pieces out side by side and noticed they all had a similar composition.

A pathway that led through and towards something.



Safe passage, 12×12 on canvas

It gave me the sensation of moving through and up the painting. As if I was exploring these dreamscapes on my journey toward another place.


into the now

Into the Now, 12×12 on canvas

Perhaps a metaphor that I am moving into a next phase of life…or headed towards a new horizon. Whatever the meaning will be for me..I am enjoying the journey thoroughly.


Ps. all pieces are available for purchase. However I have not added them to the shop as of yet. Please email me if you are interested!