The Art Journal is speaking to me… The journal is a fundamental tool for how I stay connected to my intuition, creative source, and keep the fires alive. It is the place I go to play, experiment, and listen. It is a place to be curious and pay attention to the shifts that are happening internally.




Without it, I think I would be lost. There are weeks I journal every day and weeks that the pages go untouched. But, I always know I am percolating on something new when I reach for the journal day after day and energy, color, and texture come pouring out of me and through me.




This week color and texture has melded with words as I contemplate my intentions for 2016. I am meditating on the work I want to concentrate on, the feelings I want to feel, and the adventures I want to have for this year.


Do you art journal? Stay tuned for some news on this front if you are interested in creating a practice of art journaling.